The problems with Michael Hetrick’s testimony

Michael Hetrick crop JPGWhen Investigator Whitfield first found Michael Hetrick, Hetrick denied any knowledge of Ivan Teleguz or of Stephanie Sipe’s murder. Over the course of several hours, Whitfield told Hetrick all about his theory of the case. He said that he had been tracking Ivan for years, and vowed to get him. Whitfield told Hetrick he would face the death penalty if he could not connect Ivan to the murder, and even put Hetrick on the telephone with Commonwealth’s Attorney Garst, who told Hetrick that implicating Ivan was the only way to save his own life. Finally, Hetrick gave in and agreed to testify to Whitfield’s story in exchange for receiving a life sentence instead of a death sentence. Whitfield and Garst made clear that Hetrick’s life depended on sticking to their story from that point forward.


Case #01-21797: Excerpts from transcript of interview with Michael Hetrick, submitted by Investigator Kevin A. Whitfield.


Pre-hearing motion filed by the Attorney General, February 1, 2013.Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.08.49 PM

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