Aleksey Safanov admits his coerced trial testimony was a lie

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After Ivan’s trial, Aleksey Safanov was deported. He was eventually located in Kazakhstan, and immediately admitted he had done a bad thing when he implicated Ivan in Stephanie’s murder, and that his testimony was a lie. He revealed that Commonwealth’s Attorney Garst had promised him that if he gave her Ivan, she would try to make sure Safanov could receive a visa so he was not deported for his federal gun charges. Safanov has consistently and repeatedly affirmed that he testified falsely against Ivan based on Garst’s promise, because getting a visa so he could remain with his fiancée and family in the United States was the most important thing to him.


Excerpts from Aleksey Safanov’s  Affidavit, signed June 29, 2012, and lawyer’s statement describing call with Safanov.


Excerpts from Garst’s letter and the Attorney General’s pre-hearing motion.